Launched in 2017 with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Seattle, Brilliant Corners Artist Management is dedicated to the development of long-term careers for artists of rare talent. The company is built upon the twin foundations of creative collaboration and robust client service. All managers at Brilliant Corners participate in a community of like-minded professionals sharing resources, knowledge and strategy. The company embraces progressive artist advocacy on the cutting edge of the ever-changing music industry landscape.


Jordan Kurland - Founding Partner

Joe Goldberg - Founding Partner

Josh Rosenfeld - Founding Partner

Dave Burton - Director of Touring

Mac Cregan - Artist Manager / Day Manager

Nikki Romming - Office Manager / Executive Assistant

Justin Taing - Artist Coordinator

Victora Tsigonis - Day Manager

Nicole White - Digital Marketing Coordinator

Darius Zelkha - Artist Manager / Marketing Manager